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Cars For Everyone, Anytime & Anywhere – KLezCar

Klezcar @ Powerman Malaysia Asia Championship 2017 | Putrajaya

Powerman, which is very significant to a long-distance duathlon sports event already endorsed in Malaysia since 2002. As the latest event held on 5th March 2017, Klezcar feels delighted to have the opportunity on sponsoring the mineral water to all of these Powerman to be.

Sponsorship Klezcar World

There are more than 3300 participants join the Powerman Malaysia race which basically involves the running and cycling actions in a single competition.

This rapid growing in participation numbers really proven the great success of this multi-sport event and supposely it will bring forth the ideal platform for Asian athletes to enter the international stage. We believe that ! With present of Powerkids and PowerYouth, for sure the surge of interest towards sports also will expand more.

No word to describe how Klezcar is proud having a car rental business based in Malaysia especially when knowing that our country, Malaysia acknowledged as the world’s largest duathlon event for year 2016 and also as for the whole Powerman series.

We hope that more people will support these events on the coming years and more tourists having the opportunity to visit our country soon. We Welcome All Of You To Visit Malaysia !

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