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Popular Restaurant in Pahang

Our next food hunting episode is in Pahang state! Pahang is the biggest state in peninsular Malaysia. Every part in Pahang have their own unique and special. Lets hunting yummy food in Pahang.


#1  Joe Mee Chalong & Keropok Berserah

2/1138, Kampung Alur Tuan Haji Berserah, 26100, Kuantan, Pahang, 25300, Malaysia

 Opening Hours : 8:30AM–6:30PM

The popular meal in Pahang especially in Kuantan, Mee Chalong is a soup made from fish with a pure fish ball and tofu stuffed with fish meat. Because of Berserah is located near the beach the fresh fish is easy to get and the keropok is famous in here. If you’re a fan of fresh fish you must try this menu in Kuantan.

mee calong

#2  Cendol Mustafa & Rojak

Jalan Teluk Sisek, Taman Selamat, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

Open  every day  11:30AM–7PM

Are you craving the cendol and rojak?? Yes! Mustafa Cendol & Rojak is best places to people loves cendol and rojak. They offer you variety of cendol such as cendol ice cream and pulut, cendol campur and more, besides the rojak also delicious! The spicy- sweet peanut rojak sauce are yummy! Eat with half-boiled egg, shredded cucumber, turnip, fried dry beancurd, potatoes, prawn puff, prawn crackers, yellow mee and fried chicken!

cendol mustafa

#3 Akob Patin House

A2, Capitol Square, Lorong Hj Abdul Rahman 1, Kuantan

Opening hours 8am – 12am

Trademark Pahang state is Ikan Patin masak tempoyak! Akob Patin House is the top restaurant that offer you Patin buah/wild and Patin sangkar, if you choose wild patin the price is expensive than patin sangkar. The gulai tempoyak ikan patin is spicy because of the chilies inside to people that loves eating spicy food is highly recommended this restaurant.


#4 Lili Wadi

A-637 Jln Teluk Sisek 25000 Kuantan *cawangan utama*
B41 Jalan Indera Mahkota5/1 26200 Kuantan

Opening Hours : 5pm – 12am (Tuesday – Sunday)

The top hipster cafe in Pahang, appropriate leisure activities with family and friends while enjoying eat mango cheese cake and pandan cooler. They also provide BBQ set but not in buffet, besides there are also fried rice and most of customer is satisfied with their food, service and environment. The price also reasonable!


#5 Nasi Minyak Eda Yasin

alan Tanjung Api, Kampung Tanjung Api, 25050 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

Opening hours is  6:30AM–2PM(Tuesday – Sunday)
Closed Monday

They serve you a local food such as nasi minyak, nasi dagang, laksam, laksa and many. The special menu in this restaurant is nasi minyak and you can choose the dishes, most customers said the taste of nasi minyak is unique that the reasons why this restaurant have many loyal customer. Overall this restaurant is tiptop and the price is cheap.

eda nasi myk

#6 Kotak Kalam

A-87 Jln Teluk Sisek, 25000 Kuantan

Opening Hours : 5pm – 12pm (wednesday – Monday)

The best local western food in Kuantan, they Not only western food but they serve some cakes at their restaurant. Kotakkalam only focusing on modern concept . The price is reasonable. The famous cake here is oreo mousse and chicken cheese grilled.

kotak kalam

#7 Jaman Tory Resipi

15 2/3 IM2, Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200, Kuantan

Opening Hours : 12pm – 1.30am (Saturday – Thursday)

Special menu here is Ikan Patin Tempoyak, mostly the menu here in set such as Daging salai masak lemak with plain rice, ulam-ulaman, salty fish and tempoyak. Next, juara char koay teow is the best in here, if you don’t feel eating heavy meal you can try the fruits rojak in here.


#8 Restoran Hyderabad

Kuantan Avenue, Lot A-23, Jalan Beserah, 25200 Kuantan

Opening hours is every day  8AM–11PM

If you are looking for the best nasi beriyani in Kuantan this is the best restaurant. The best is mutton beriyani. The beriyani is coming in pot and if you want to eat it just put it into plate. Next is garlic nan with chicken tikka masala! Ermm yummy! The butter milk drink also marvelous!


#9 Sara Thai Kitchen (Wan Seafood & Tomyam)

B42, Jalan Gambut,

25000 Kuantan, Pahang.

(Opposite to Grand Continental Hotel)

Opening hours is every day from 1:20pm until 11pm

Malay and Thai style menu and of course the Tom Yam is very popular here. The Tom Yam is thick and not so spicy and suitable for all age. People who love Malay-Thai cuisine are highly recommended!

sara thai


A2600, Jalan Alor Akar, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang.

Opening hours is 6pm onwards

Sate here is big size suitable with the price. The offer many type of sate such as chicken sate, beef sate, mutton sate, rabbit sate, deer sate and many. The sweet peanut sauce are very tempting! If you don’t fell to eat sate or you are still hungry you can order chicken nasi lemak. The dishes is so delicious! They also open a counter for take away.

satay zul

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